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Coaching Programs

Welcome! I’m thrilled you are visiting this page. If you’re here, it’s likely because you have an inner knowing that you could be getting so much more out of your life, and I can tell you from personal experience that, “Yes! You can!”

I believe with all my heart that we were given the gift of deep empathy, sensitivity and intuition to change the world. We each have our own way of making an impact, but if we are neglecting our self-care, feeling run down, depressed, sick and depleted, caught in negative cycles of overwhelm, living too much “in our heads” and existing in a low-vibe state, our healing work on this planet won’t have the impact that this world so desperately needs.

I created my programs because so many Highly Sensitive People struggle with energy management, setting boundaries, putting ourselves first, feeling positive in a scary world, feeling disconnect to our divine selves, and thinking that we are broken. It is my mission to see this change!

This process has been revolutionary! – Amy Uchida, Private 1:1 Client

Want to read more about my story? Click here to read my story or download my free eBook: From Hot Mess to Badass: 8 Steps to Empowerment for Highly Sensitive People.

This is your invitation to partner with me to dive into deep self-awareness, self-healing and self-care of mind, body and spirit. During our work together, you will learn to take action and create a plan to implement tools and strategies to help you feel your very best!

I can help you live from a place of power where you will learn honor your sensitivity as the true gift that it is instead of an affliction we often feel cursed by.

If you are experiencing any of the following more than you'd like to, then you are in the right place:
  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Burdened by stress
  • Fatigued and experiencing low energy
  • Stuck in a cycle of overeating, and eating all the wrong things!
  • Overwhelmed by the emotions of others
  • Fearful of conflict or confrontation
  • Dissatisfied or unhappy
  • Feel like there has to be more from life
  • Disconnected from yourself, your needs, your desires and your passions
  • A negative and critical inner voice
  • Self-judgment
  • Feeling like something is wrong with you, or that you are flawed in some way
  • A busy and overwhelmed mind
The fact is, if you are experiencing any of the above more often than you are experiencing:
  • Joy
  • Connection
  • Passion
  • A sense of feeling grounded and alive
  • Energized in your body
  • A strong, unshakeable sense of self

…then you are struggling with a lack of energy management skills and self-care tools. Guess what the best part is? You have the power to change this!

I can vividly remember sitting on my therapist's couch, in tears, because I felt like I couldn't make my life work. I remember saying, "I'm just too sensitive. It's like I'm allergic to life and I can't get my feet under me!"

  • I was struggling in my marriage because I wasn't taking the time I needed to focus on myself and my own happiness, feeling resentful as I wasn't meeting my own needs while simultaneously expecting my husband to meet my needs for me.
  • I sacrificed my own self-care once I became a mother to two kids, thinking that I needed to give all my energy and attention to them, putting myself at the bottom of my priority list and therefore drained.
  • My body was going through a health crisis at the young age of 35, after years of sugar-addiction, eating all the wrong foods and constant stress.
  • My career as a coach felt stalled because while I really wanted to help people, I didn't know how to stay in my own energy without taking on the feelings and emotions of my clients, which prevented me from thriving in my business and leaving me feeling frustrated financially and deeply anguished that I wasn't living my life purpose.
  • I was beating myself up on a regular basis, feeling like something was wrong with me. I often thought that if I could simply "fix" my sensitivity then I could live like everyone else and be happy. I was at odds with who I was and it was causing me great suffering.
  • I was living in my head most of the time, lost in worry of the future and thoughts of my to-do list, and felt little connection to the joy of the present moment, connection to others, or the feeling of being in my body: alert, aware and alive.
Does any of this sound familiar?

What I didn't realize at the time was that I was living in a state of almost constant overstimulation, which led to feelings of overwhelm and meltdown. Take too much overstimulation and pair it with a negative mindset (inner chatter) and you've got the perfect storm of a highly sensitive person at their worst. I was living my life from a place of depletion, where I was constantly losing energy by giving it all away to others, taking on other people's negativity, putting myself in draining situations, plagued by a negative inner critic and disregarding my inner desires. I had no systems in place to generate energy and I was totally out of whack.

I will help you find and implement the tools to live a happier and healthier life where you will deeply connect to your most divine self so you can bring your gifts and greatest strength – your sensitivity – to the world. It’s a place where you’ll embark along your path to self-love, self-acceptance, spiritual and self-rediscovery while learning essential self-care tools and strategies you can implement to take your mission, your message and your life purpose to the next level.

I want you to feel your very best and I know that results are important. So what can you expect from our work together?

During and after our work, my clients report:
  • Improved confidence
  • Burdened by stress
  • Improved relationships
  • An ability to stand in their own energy without be swept up by the energy of those around them
  • Feelings of strength and empowerment
  • Enhanced home environment
  • More joy and happiness
  • Reduction in anxiety and depression
  • More connection to their passions and desires
  • Clear mind
  • More Energy
  • Weight loss
  • More self-love, self-understanding and self-acceptance

How would it feel to wake up each morning and really, deeply love yourself? This is what I want for you.

I am able to give myself permission to be what I choose, and taking away the constraints that I put on myself to be who I thought I should be. – Amy Uchida, Private 1:1 Client

I believe that each and every one of is already perfect – I don’t believe that we need to be “fixed” or that we need to “change.” I believe that this process will uncover the amazing person that you already are and allow you to tap into the incredible potential that is already within you. It’s simply a question of tapping into the parts of you that you are ready to bring to the surface so you can enhance your inner beauty and strength and allow yourself to shine!

I would be honored to be your guide and mentor on this journey.

Ready to talk and determine which program is the best fit for you?
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Since I started working with Cortney, I have learned tools which help me manage my own sensitivity and the effect it has on my life. I have learned that my well being is my number one priority so that I can be of maximum help to everyone else. I have re-awakened my sense of self and rediscovered things that make me happy. I have implemented boundaries with people and events, which has significantly reduced my stress levels. I have also adopted a life-loving attitude and very optimistic mindset. I have developed a higher self –awareness and self-love, which is helping me have more positive relations with people and more satisfying everyday experiences. – Emilya Tomin, Sensitive Badass Sisterhood Member