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“From hot mess to badass – redefining what it means to be highly sensitive!” – Cortney Chaite

Coach, author and speaker inspiring highly sensitive people (HSPs) to uncover and own their inner badass, Cortney spent much of her life feeling “broken” and “allergic to life.” After her health, anxiety and depression reached an all-time low, she discovered the term “highly sensitive” and connected a lifetime of dots between a finely attuned nervous system, acute sensitivity to subtleties in her environment, and deep empathy and intuition. Cortney’s life was forever changed. As she learned to transform overwhelm and despair to become someone who is empowered, happy and shows up as her biggest self on a regular basis, Cortney uncovered her mission: awakening the inner badass in every highly sensitive person she encounters!

Founder of the Highly Sensitive Badass blog and movement, Cortney is a certified coach and expert in health, self-care and environment for the HSP, bringing advanced training and experience to provide strategies, support and accountability to highly sensitive women as they journey from “hot mess” to “highly sensitive badass,” through massive shifts in self-care, self-acceptance, compassion and mindset.

“[Since working with Cortney], I am stronger, more confident, and more kind with myself… more prepared than I have been in many years to take the bad with the good and not let the bad take over the good. This is profound. I no longer live in terror that all the good will evaporate. This is a true, sustainable lifestyle change. My inner spark is burning more brightly than it has in many years.

“Just 2 days ago my husband mentioned how nice it is to see me proud of myself. I jokingly said, ‘I’m a bad-ass.’ He got serious and replied, ‘I know! I dated a bad-ass and married a bad-ass. You’ve been missing for a while. It’s nice to have you back.”—Stephanie Sackett

Cortney’s speaking style:

Warm, funny and accessible, Cortney leads her audience with a dynamic, intelligent mix of practical how-to information delivered with a high dose of mindfulness, inspiration and motivation. Her radiant positivity, upbeat spirit and self-proclaimed goofballery will delight and educate your organization and its members.

What clients and participants are saying

I wanted to let you know how much your program has helped me.”

“Cortney was a delightful guest on our podcast, educating our listeners on the highly sensitive person, and offering practical, real-world advice to empower our HSP listeners. What I found most enlightening is how her message is not just for the highly sensitive person—but truly applies to everyone: self-acceptance, positive mindset, and the huge importance of exquisite, FUN self-care are valuable tools for everyone on the planet<.”—Charisse Sisou,

Cortney seems to have a bottomless grab bag of practical, doable techniques. She helps you turn the desire for change into actions that make the change.

Cortney’s most popular and requested program:

“From Hot Mess to Badass: 8 Steps to Empowerment for Highly Sensitive People”

Do you sometimes feel alone, misunderstood and unable to cope with an overstimulating, noisy world that overwhelms you? Have you heard “You’re so sensitive!” over and over your whole life (and not in a good way), and felt like there was something wrong—broken—about you? Do you wish that someone would finally show you how to get control of this weird hypersensitivity to your senses, body and environment, and wrangle how affected you are by others’ experiences and emotions?

Many “HSP”’s don’t even realize they are highly sensitive, and lack the mindset and self-care skills that allow a highly sensitive person to thrive rather than struggle. Cortney Chaite of The Highly Sensitive Badass developed an 8-step system to teach others how to leverage their sensitivity as the gift it is, rather than the curse it sometimes seems to be!

At this powerful seminar, you will learn:

  • The fundamental key to action that leads to positive results
  • How a mindset shift makes all the difference to your self-care
  • The pleasure factor: why most people reject self-care—and how to stop that
  • To recognize your story and the role it plays in owning your power
  • To create and manage strong boundaries
  • To identify the thought patterns that hold you prisoner
  • How to build your positive thinking muscles
  • How to create your new powerful highly sensitive identity

Other popular topics:

  • Am I highly sensitive? Separating the fact from the hype (and the blessing from the curse)
  • Is my child highly sensitive? Educating parents on how to help their highly sensitive kids
  • What to expect when you discover you’re highly sensitive: the stages from acceptance to empowerment

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