As Highly Sensitive People, we’re intuitive. We’re tuned in. We’re highly aware…of everything! This means that self-care of the big 3: our minds, our bodies and our spirits, is of critical importance because we literally consume everything around us (physically and energetically). We are therefore deeply affected by our lifestyles, our circumstances, what we eat, who we spend time with…basically, everything!

In today’s post, I want to talk about our bodies because mine has been speaking to me a lot lately.

If you’re anything like me, you might have massive awareness of everything going on in your body at all times. Am I the only one? (I really want to hear from you on this one, so please comment below if you resonate with this.) I seem to notice every single teeny-tiny nuance in my body, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

This connection has both its light side and its shadow side. In my light, I’m totally in tune with my needs and feel wonderful in my connection to my body. The feelings in my body feel great, leaving me feeling alive, energetic, connected and awake.  

The shadow side of this sensitivity is health anxiety. It doesn’t always feel like a gift to be tuned into my body. Sometimes I really wish I could shut it off and just check out. It can make my mind crazy wondering, “What was that twinge?” The opportunity for our monkey minds to take over with anxious thoughts increases with such high awareness.

Our bodies speak to us.

When my body speaks to me, she often gets loud and bossy. What might feel like a whisper to a non-HSP, sounds like a fog horn to me. This makes it easy to take action because she’s hard to ignore. She will let me know if she needs more sleep, if she hasn’t been enjoying the food I’ve been eating, if she’s way too stressed out from all the work I’ve been doing. She speaks to me through feelings, sensations, illness, pain, and exhaustion.

I’ve checked in with my husband, my resident non-HSP, about his body awareness and my hunch seems to be true: Things that bother the heck out of me don’t seem to disturb his nearly as much. Since he’s not quite as bothered as I am, guess which one of us will be more likely to respond with love and care for our bodies? Me.

The gift in this communication is that we have the opportunity to listen before other people do. If you think about it, we are so lucky! When you are really tuned into your body, it’s much more difficult to ignore the things she’s telling you, and as HSP’s, we must listen.

We all have the ability and tendency to ignore our body’s messages, HSP or not, but this can be to our detriment. Your body has great wisdom and she will speak to you. She will try to get your attention so she can get her needs met.

I’ve heard from many sensitive people that they seem to suffer from more health-related issues than non-HSP’s. Could it be that we are more greatly affected by an unhealthy lifestyle than non-HSP’s? Or could it be that we are hyper-aware and therefore notice when the smallest thing is out of balance? I think both are true in varying degrees, depending on your particular sensitivities.

How we take care of our bodies, our temples, is massively important for HSP’s. The body is part of the triad: mind, body and spirit. I’ve chosen to focus on all three areas in my coaching practice because as HSP’s, we are more deeply affected in these areas when our lifestyles are out of whack. We are more affected by:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Irritating foods
  • Stress
  • Too-busy work and life schedules
  • Toxic relationships
  • Demands of daily life

Imbalances in these areas show up in our bodies. For me, it has shown up as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Borderline Hashimoto’s (close, but I’ve got to monitor this!)
  • Thyroid nodules
  • Digestive issues
  • Twitching in my legs
  • Heart palpitations
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Weight gain

Whenever my life is getting out of whack, one or more of these will pop up to get my attention as a message so I can get back on course again. It’s my signal that I need to give some attention to an area that is lacking.

When a symptom pops up, I listen. I’ve created a huge tool kit with lots of tools to reach for. Not only do I have my go-to health care team (my chiropractor, my acupuncturist, my regular Western medical docs, my massage therapist, my spiritual life coach), but I’ve also become a valuable member or my own team. I’ve worked to become a self-care expert. I’ve studied food, spirituality, pleasure, and purpose. I feed myself in all of these areas because nourishment doesn’t only come from food.

So rather than leave you with tips today, I’d like to leave you with questions:

  1. How is your body speaking to you?
  2. Are you listening?
  3. What areas in your life are working really well for you?
  4. What areas need more attention?
  5. Do you have a loving relationship with your body?
  6. How are you nourishing your triad: your mind, body and spirit?

As always, I’d love to hear from you, so please leave your comments below!

With so much love,

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Cortney is a transformational coach, writer, speaker, mentor for Highly Sensitive Badasses TM, and founder of the coaching program: The Sensitive Badass Badass Personal Coaching Program and the Sensitive Badass Sisterhood. She is passionate about helping women tap into their unique brilliance through divine self-care so they can live their highest purpose and reach their full potential. She offers private and group transformational and empowerment coaching programs for highly sensitive and empathic women.

Cortney earned a B.A. from Vassar College in Art History and a Masters of Architecture from Catholic University. Following her heart later in life, she became certified as a health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She became a “health architect,” dealing with her own health crisis and struggle to manage anxiety and depression. She is also a proud graduate of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts Mastery program, a NYC institution that teaches women to use the power of pleasure to have their way with the world.

Cortney lives in Baltimore with her 2 kids, her dog and her husband. A passionate traveler, photographer, gardener and foodie, when she isn’t dancing or listening to music (her favorite things!), Cortney is all about engaging all of her senses in service to her inner badass—and awakening the inner badass in every highly sensitive person she encounters!

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  1. Carolyn November 28, 2016 at 7:35 pm Reply

    Yes! My moods are so easily affected by weather, food, sleep, etc. I always have some ache or pain. Going gluten and dairy free has been a life saver for me. My husband always says I’m the ‘canary in the coal mine’. I’m
    sensitive to everything! I know things before they happen or before it becomes obvious or out in the open. I roll my eyes like ‘I saw this coming years ago.’ Haha.

    • thehighlysensitivebadass November 29, 2016 at 9:14 am Reply

      Haha, yes, totally! My husband recently said, “It’s so funny how you’re normal now. All the weird stuff you’ve been into for years is now mainstream.” That cracked me up! Our sensitivity definitely has us ahead of the curve sometimes!

  2. Fiamma June 26, 2017 at 11:00 am Reply

    Hi Courtney. I’m an HSP as well, and I found out around six monts ago -even though I always knew I “had” someting like that: I used to call it hypersensitivity-. I devoured Dr. Aron’s book, and I’ve been researching more on the subject ever since. I recently read a book by a German therapist named Rolf Sellin (I read it in Italian, I don’t know if it’s translated to English yet…) called -and I roughly translate- “Sensitive people have an advantage. How to transform persensitivity from disadvantage to advantage”. In it, he explains that HSPs are, as you say, more prone to suffering from health related issues, but the reason is that since we perceive so many stimulus at the same time, unless we are not taught otherwise, we will often check out and completely forget about our body, as a coping mecanism. I don’t think we get more ill because we are highly sensitive, I think our body warns us and we don’t listen (if we’re not tuned into ourselves), and that makes us get sick more often. I hope this was useful! Greetings from Costa Rica!

    • thehighlysensitivebadass July 6, 2017 at 11:02 am Reply

      Hi Fiamma – this is wonderful!! I will definitely check this out – thank you!

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