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“Discovering Cortney’s work and participating in her program for Highly Sensitive People became one of the most transformational experiences of my life.

Before I was referred to Cortney’s website, I was completely absorbed in the hectic everyday life and its overwhelming experiences.  I was feeling stressed out and depressed quite frequently. I felt burdened by the multiple tasks and responsibilities I had taken upon myself and mainly by my aspiration for perfection in all areas of life. I even felt like I had lost my own identity while trying to please and help everyone around me.  I was living like a highly functioning machine, which however had very strong feelings.  I was feeling not only my own emotions in response to my own experiences, but also the emotions of everyone around me, which of course left me very drained psychologically and physically.

When I started reading Cortney’s blogs, I immediately related to everything she wrote about and it became very enlightening to me to realize that I was a Highly Sensitive Person in need of immediate guidance on how to live life as such.  Very eagerly I read and listened to everything Cortney wrote and talked about and I immediately started implementing her suggested tools in my life.

Later, I had the pleasure to meet Cortney in person and to participate in her coaching program for Highly Sensitive People, which proved to be extremely educational and highly beneficial.

Since I started working with Cortney, I have learned tools which help me manage my own sensitivity and the effect it has on my life.  I have learned that my well-being is my number one priority so that I can be of maximum help to everyone else. I have re-awakened my sense of self and rediscovered things that make me happy. I have implemented boundaries with people and events, which has significantly reduced my stress levels. I have also adopted a life-loving attitude and very optimistic mindset. I have developed a higher self –awareness and self-love, which is helping me have more positive relations with people and more satisfying everyday experiences.

Cortney has also introduced me to a number of great books and resources which I can use to continue my self –development and personal growth. Most importantly, I have learned to allocate time every single day for pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment in order to achieve a more peaceful and healthy mindset, which has helped me develop a higher personal power and self-confidence. Overall, I have learned multiple tools to manage my emotions, extremely necessary for creating a more productive, happy and greatly fulfilling life.

Cortney is an extraordinary person, very influential and inspirational. Her desire to help people by sharing her passion for a fulfilling and meaningful life is very motivational. Everything she teaches is done in a very pleasant and easily absorbed manner, which makes the entire experience not only very informative and beneficial but also a lot of fun.

Cortney’s radiance, greatness mindset, positive energy and endless passion for personal growth have had a very contagious effect on me and I find myself learning effortlessly and growing spiritually in an absolutely remarkable manner.  Thank you Cortney for this marvelous and life-changing experience!” – Emiliya Tomin.

“Coaching with Cortney has been surprisingly mind-blowing, to say the least. Before working with Cortney, I struggled with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, envy, constantly reprimanding myself, worrying about what others thought, trying to always be the good girl, fearful of making decisions on my own, and unable to get out of my head (just to name a few). I knew I had so many layers of self-loathing that was covering up what I was really feeling and who I was, but was at a loss to how to start peeling those layers off. Knowing that my HSP trait played a big role in my wiring, I needed someone who really understood how my mind worked to get me out.

Since our work together, I have experienced a great shift in perspective of my past and was able to bail out of the role of playing victim and I have experienced forgiving myself for choosing how I played victim all these years. I am able to be kinder to myself, and to lovingly accept the choices I am making daily (bringing back all the power that I have been giving away through blaming circumstance, other people and myself). I am able to focus on what to be grateful for and celebrate my accomplishments (and letting myself know that no accomplishment is too small!), which means not depending on others or circumstance to spoon-feed me esteem. I am able to give myself permission to be what I choose, and taking away the constraints that I put on myself to be who I thought I should be.

Cortney is a coach who listens to how my mind works and respects my comfort zone to build a path that is custom-fit for me, never shoving a one-size-fits-all method. It is as if rather than providing a miracle pill to cure me from ever catching a cold, Cortney teaches how to build muscles and give me tools to use so I can have a healthier immune system, and shows me how to survive even if I ever do catch a cold. Her one hour sessions are packed with epiphanies, which happens only if I do my half of the work as a client and make a decision to change; which is the beauty and strength in one-on-one coaching. It was a scary decision to take the leap but Cortney makes sure that I feel safe, honored and loved while I do the dirty digging and being able to ask her questions throughout the week by email gives me motivation and direction until the next session.” – Amy U.

“Before I started working with Cortney, I was stuck in many areas of my life. My relationship with my fiancé, the core beliefs I held around money, even the desires I had to live my dreams – every moment I wanted to create more space for life to come, but it was like I had fallen into a groove on a record and instead of hopping off, I kept sinking deeper into the realm of the stuck. My frustrations really escalated because I knew what I needed to do to get unstuck, but I couldn’t seem to take those steps on my own. That’s when I started working with Cortney, and through her gracious and sensitive coaching, I’ve been able to jump out of that deeply seating groove and into forward momentum in my life. I’ve been able to start to heal those deeply held beliefs so that my life can truly move forward in both my relationship and my career. Working with Cortney, I feel challenged just enough to be able to create positive change and, most importantly, I feel held and supported throughout the whole process. ” -Heather Huddleston, Writer, Meditation, Anti-Gravity Fitness and Nia Teacher


“Cortney Chaite is the definitive expert on being a highly sensitive badass! Not only is she intimately aware of the unique gifts and challenges a highly sensitive woman faces, being an HSP herself, Cortney is able to hold space, support and teach how to access your inner badassery in a way that is immediately warm, accessible and knowledgeable. This goddess walks her walk and talks her talk! She is the real deal, a class act, and a funny goofball besides… As a highly sensitive woman myself, I have so appreciated her light, fun, and yet in-depth approach. Love this woman!!”

— Charisse Sisou, High Priestess of Pleasure to Women Here to Change the World, ClaimYourFeminine.com

“Coaching with Cortney is nothing short of multiple eye-opening transformations. She has given me a language and framework to use in understanding…well…myself! Parts of me that I though I had to “get over” or work through, I now view as my superpowers, my gifts and know how to use these to my fullest potential! Cortney is infused with passion, kindness and fierce intention to empower your wholeness.”

— Sara Rogers, Feminine Empowerment Coach, www.sararogers.ca

“You have helped me understand that it is okay to open that space (the dark space). When embracing it, I feel contented and free with less fear. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us.” -Veronique


“Cortney helped me answer the most important question about positive change: HOW?!

I knew I needed to cultivate self-love, self-respect, and self-care. I knew I needed to change habits and thoughts that were keeping me stuck. But exactly how — in a way that fits with the realities of modern life? Cortney seems to have a bottomless grab bag of practical, doable techniques to help me make changes I had been trying to make for years.

She’s not afraid of challenging questions. She sticks with you while you struggle and keeps pulling out creative ways to embrace challenge. She treats you like you’re learning to treat yourself — with compassion. She helps you turn the desire for change into actions that make the change happen.”

— Deborah Eby, Highly Sensitive Badass Writer, go7steps.com

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about myself and that it’s ok to be a Sensitive Badass. I appreciate the tools I acquired in this wonderful group. The experience was invaluable and has forever changed my life. Thank you.” -Joy


“Thank you, Cortney, for creating this space for us to explore our inner strength and for creating an awesome sisterhood for highly sensitive women. This group has truly been a blessing to me. It has been great to meet so many women from across the world who all share a common trait and want to gain greater understanding about our gift of being highly sensitive. Having the ability each day to set an intention and a focus around a part of our gift that we need greater understanding of was really a blessing. The tools we practiced have definitely shifted things for me. Thank you!” -Sherrell


“It is a great feeling to know that you’re not alone and it was such a gift to be connected with so many likeminded souls. I truly benefited from learning and practicing tools for self care. This past year I became so drained and exhausted that I found it easier to hibernate and shut out a lot but realize I need to find that balance to fully engage more with the world around me. It’s hard to put into words because realizations keep unfolding since the day I joined the group. Thank you Cortney and group.” -Amy


“Thank you for creating a safe place and guidance to explore, experience, heal and thrive. Your loving care and attention shows how we should all treat ourselves, and your deep listening offers a sanctuary where no matter what is spoken is accepted and thus transmuted.” -Heather